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Five Hair Products I Love

Having long hair can be a chore, I love keeping my hair long and part of that is ensuring that I am caring for it in a way that it can continue to grow and look good while doing it. That's why I've scoured the internet, talked all things routine with my stylists and of course had my fair run in with trial and error to find the products that work best for me. No matter where I'm at with my hair, these are the best hair products that I always keep in my beauty cabinet.

I've been using the Biolage shampoo and conditioner since 2017, and ever since I switched I can't imagine going back. I still use other brands here and there (Kristen Ess and Olaplex are rotating in my shower currently) but the way this line makes my hair feel is unmatched. Each time I wash with these my hair feels clean, hydrated and smells amazing.

On my last beauty haul I picked up this hair mask and all I can say is that I wish I had found it sooner. It has a refreshing scent that I wish lasted forever and restored my dry and very angry hair. I plan to use this about once a week and can see myself coming back to this mask for years to come.

Around Christmas time I treated myself to the Olaplex gift set and have been more than pleased with this miracle oil. Whether you're about to go in with heat styling, having a dull hair day, experiencing dry ends or just want to treat your hair, this is what you need. I put it in my hair almost every day and double up when I am blowdrying or curling my hair.

Diane Wet n Dry Detangle Brush

Diane, I don't know what you crafted this hairbrush with, but we need to talk. I have seriously never enjoyed brushing my hair more than I do with this brush, or at all actually. The way this brush detangles without any hassle or harm is yet to be done by any hairbrush I have laid my hands on. Not to mention it is extremely easy to hold and clean. Since I have straight hair it is very important for me to be gentle with it while it is wet, with other brushes I can feel (and hear, yikes) my hair snapping as I detangle it, but this brush makes wash day easier than ever.

VERB Volume Dry Texture Spray

When it comes to hair I lucked out and got the short end of the stick. I love my low-maintenance and easy to style straight hair, but some days I wish it had a little more wildness to it. This texture spray gives me volume like I've never experienced and helps my hair to hold any style better from curls to braids and even those adorable messy buns that I could never master. I love that it feels light in my hair, smells amazing and doesn't leave behind a bunch of residue for me to continuously wash through.


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