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My Favorite Cat Finds on Amazon

You know those people who treat their pet like it's a child? Well, I'm those people. I have an adorable one year old kitten named Moosy and I swear I buy more things for her than myself. So, I've decided to round up some of my favorite finds that her and I have loved and bring them to you here.

Call it what you want, but I love taking my cat on walks, and she loves it too. Since I'm way too scared to lose her I keep her on a harness every time we leave the house, and this is by far the cutest harness I've ever seen.

I love that it has a secure fit, my cat has yet to find a way to break out of it. And it comes with a matching leash, which means less shopping for me to do and more control over where she wanders.

These lightweight plush balls are one of the first toys I ever bought Moosy. They are extremely soft and light, which made them easy for her to swat around and play with as a kitten. Now that she's older she doesn't play with them as much, however I do catch her cuddling them on the bed sometimes and licking them as if they are a kitten. 10/10 recommend.

If you're in the mood to be slightly annoyed but give your cat immense fun, these bell balls are a great pick. They have a soft plush design with a small bell inside that gets your cat excited and will keep them playing for hours. Another perk of these balls is that when your cat is doing something they shouldn't (scratching my kitchen cabinets for Moosy) you can shake the ball a bit to distract them and let them take out their energy in an approved manner.

If your cat still has their claws (please tell me they do) this scratching post is an excellent pick. It's part scratching post, part toy, which makes it a great find to keep in your home. It has two tracks at the base with wooden balls for your cat to play with, a plush ball that hangs from the top and the durable scratching post.

I've had this toy for over a year and the scratching post is still in pretty good shape. It is also one of the few toys my cat hasn't grown bored of yet.

These are the first and only bowls that I have bought for my cat and they have been a great fit for the year that I've had them. I love the asymmetrical design that allows her to get to her food and water easier. They also have a great size that allows me to fill her bowls up quite a bit and reduce the need for refills throughout the day.

One problem I've come across when buying cat toys is that it is very hard to find cute ones that I wouldn't mind seeing around my home. These wool balls have an earth-toned color scheme that don't cause an eyesore and still seem to be fun for my cat.

I like that they are a little bit heavier than other balls I've found which has been great as my cat has gotten older and stronger.

In my family, we call these 'cammocks' and they are by far the cutest thing you can ever buy your cat. When I lived at home with my mom and sister's bengals I used to put their cammock at the end of my bed and let the cats watch tv and sleep next to me.

This is a great addition to your home because it gives your cat a ball to play with, two scratching posts and a soft space to rest.

One thing I have stopped buying my cat is catnip, she gets very messy with it and my floor always ends up covered in crumbs even if I put the catnip inside of a toy. In order to allow her to get her fix and have fun, I have switched to these silver vine sticks.

I love these because they last for awhile, are mess-free and help out with my cats dental hygiene.

I really hit the cat-lottery with Moosy, she has no problems getting her nails clipped and it has only been easier once I switched to this nail trimmer. It has a built-in light so that I can be sure not to cut too short, and a plastic back that prevents the nail clippings from falling onto my floor.


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