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Central Iowa Metaphysical Passport

During the month of July, some of the metaphysical shops in Central Iowa got together to send people on a little road trip collecting stamps at each stop for the chance to win the grand prize. My niece and I heard about it at one of the shops in Des Moines and instantly knew we had to complete it. The whole time we talked about what we were gonna do when we won and kept saying how excited we were to win. Either our brains could tell the future or we manifested it because we won! Here's a list of all the shops we went to who contributed to an excellent month and the amazing prize.


📍Des Moines

When my sister, her sister (weird family, leave me alone) and I took all of their kids to the Metaphysical Fair in Des Moines I came across the booth for Be and knew I had to go at some point. A friend and I went in there just to look around and when we checked out they introduced us to the passports.

This store is a serious hidden gem of Des Moines. It has a great atmosphere, tons of crystals and other witchy things to shop for, and an adorable shop cat. Any place with a shop cat immediately goes to the top of my list. Everybody who works there is so kind and helpful and I recently found out they have workshops that I will be attending asap.

Find Be's website here.

Enchanted Mystical Boutique

📍Des Moines

This is a shop I've known about for awhile that was introduced to me by my older sister and oldest niece. This place has more of a dark traditional witchy vibe that I haven't found anywhere else. They offer amazing tarot readings and a huge selection of retail. My personal favorite item I've ever bought here was a protection oil, I have it on me at all times and it smells amazing which is a huge plus.

Just like Be, they have a shop cat who makes me so happy each time I go in there. I am begging more businesses to get shop cats.

Find Enchanted's website here.

Harvest Creek


Harvest Creek was our last stop on our Metaphysical Passport journey. This place is a blend of a gift, vintage and metaphysical shops, so no matter what you're into there's sure to be something you'll want to take home.

We went right before my friend Lauren's birthday, so I picked her up an adorable sewing-themed compact mirror and an abundance spell.

Find Harvest Creek's website here.

In Spyrit Metaphysical


If there's anything you take from this post, it should be that you have to go to In Spyrit Metaphysical. Not even joking. They have the largest selection of crystals I've ever seen, informational binders on anything you could imagine and the coolest workers ever.

The workers immediately greeted my niece and I and asked us questions to help us pick out items to buy. I've truly never met people like them-- they were there to help, guide, offer advice that they made clear did not have to be taken and didn't have an ounce of judgment in their bodies. My niece and I still talk about Mark and Del to this day and plan to go back simply because of how awesome they are.

They helped me select crystals that I didn't even know existed, pick out an incense scent and directed me toward the coolest incense holder ever that was only $15. We all know how much I love shop cats, and this store has three. Three adorable shop cats, I seriously can't imagine a better place.

Not only is this a massive metaphysical store, but they also offer paranormal counseling. I hope I never need it, but if things go south I know where to go.

Find In Spyrit's website here... or else.

Omaura Skin

📍Guthrie Center

If you know me personally, you know that I'm weird about my skin. Like, very weird. I always think there's something wrong with it and I always want something cleaner and better to use. So finding Omaura Skin was a gift from the world.

The shop has a quiet and welcoming vibe and is filled with all natural products that are great for you. The woman running the shop was one of the most kind and gentle people I've ever met. I left with a zen elixir that I love using on my tattoos, it is one of the most hydrating products I've found.

Find Omaura's website here.

Pink Poppy Apothecary

📍Guthrie Center

If their was an award for the cutest metaphysical shop, Pink Poppy would win. While I do love traditional shops, my personal taste always leans toward bright, modern and pink. They have a blend of small gifts and metaphysical items that I could truly spend all day looking at. I ended up buying an adorable pair of earrings that I have hardly taken off since visiting.

The shop owner gave me the impression that she truly loves her job and loves the shop that she has curated. She was so excited about the passport and how many businesses were willing to come together to make it happen. While it is a little out of the way for me, I'll definitely be returning next time I need to pick up a gift for somebody.

Find Pink Poppy's Facebook here.

Willow Moon Apothecary


It's hard to believe that I grew up going to Indianola frequently and have lived in Des Moines for years and had no clue that Willow Moon existed. The second I stepped in the door I knew I had been missing out big time. They have an impressive collection of books and candles, two of my favorite things, and gorgeous crystals that double as excellent decor pieces.

Willow Moon is the shop that originated the idea of the passport, so a huge special shout out to them. I'm so glad that they started this because I learned about so many new shops that I may have never found. Since it's relatively close to me I know I'll be visiting again soon.

Find Willow Moon's website here.

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