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Winter Playlist 2024

Winter is here— which means it's time to stay indoors, drink hot beverages and listen to music. Honestly, not much different for me than any other season. My winter playlist runs from December to February, and since most of that will happen in 2024, I am titling this my winter 2024 playlist despite it still being 2023. Per usual, I'll give you five songs from this playlist and if that's not enough, you can find full links to the playlist at the end of this post. Happy listening.

I Don't Know You Like I Used To by mercury

Change and honesty are hard, but one thing that makes it easier is an upbeat song. Okay, not really. But I do love the energy of this song, it's been one of the first one's I queue up in my car lately. If you're familiar with my music taste at all, it's usually strictly sad, so having these upbeat sad songs for days when I'm feeling a bit more energetic is mandatory.

Nightmares by NewDad

Any song that has to do with wanting something you absolutely shouldn't is right up my alley. I found this song shortly before I made my November reel and it quickly became something that I played over, and over, and over and over.

One Day by Sharon Van Etten

This song originally caught my attention because the first few lines made me think of my sister, "Sister don't mind that I'm not on time, she knows that I'm through with that." She's chronically late and I love her for it. Aside from that I love how easy it is to listen to and Sharons voice just does something for me.

Covet by Basement

I have probably played this song every single day since I made my winter playlist. It's seriously just that good.

Sometimes, I Swear by The Vaccines

This song came out the same day that Boygenius released The Parting Glass, Dolly released Rockstar and André 3000 released New Blue Sun so my first memory with this song is a really fkn good one. At first I didn't think I was going to like the song, then I loved it. And honestly songs like that always end up being the ones that I really vibe with.

You can find the full version of my winter playlist on Apple Music or Spotify.

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