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Fall Playlist 2023

Fall is here, although the weather hasn't caught the memo. That also means, my fall playlist is here. This one is kind of a weird vibe— I've been in a really good mood lately and couldn't fully commit to my usual sad girl fall music so there are a few upbeat tracks sprinkled in. If you like what I like, you'll love this. If you don't, waste your time I guess?

a blue cassette tape with the words "Next Wave"

Daddy's a Psycho by Charlotte Cardin

Is your dad a psycho? Have you dated a psycho? Are you dating a psycho? (please say no.) Maybe the men in your life are perfect and you just like good music? None of the above?

I really enjoy this song on all fronts and it's a great reminder when I'm mentally RSVPing "no" to all family events this holiday season.

Worse Together by Venus & the Flytraps

My friend Braydon sent me this song, then he took me to a Samia concert where Venus & the Flytraps opened and played this song. Safe to say these two actions combined made me a huge fan, and if you've read enough of these pointless playlist posts you know I love a slightly violent song. Listen to it.

Seventeen by Sharon Van Etten

When I first heard this song I was immediately impressed by Van Etten's voice, then I actually listened to the lyrics and was completely impressed by the whole song. In my opinion, a song written to your past self is hard to do well, but I appreciate the balance of finding the beauty in her now-passed youth and the terrifying reality of what's to come.

Friends of Mine by Sundara Karma

Aside from a very pleasing sound, this song is a beautiful encapsulation of friendship. Knowing where your friends are at, what their lives look like currently and having them know where you're at is one of the best parts of life. It makes me really thankful for the people I have and their deep understanding for me even when things don't quite look the same for us.

Waiting Room by Phoebe Bridgers

When this song finally got put on Apple Music I was beyond thrilled. Yes, six minutes of the most gut-wrenching words you've ever heard is something that excites me. I've loved this song since I discovered its existence, like any Phoebe track, and now I can finally delete the YouTube app that I installed strictly to listen to this song.

You can find the full version of my fall playlist on Apple Music or Spotify.


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