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Summer Playlist 2023

Plus, A Special Guest Song

One thing I look forward to every summer is crafting my summer playlist. As a certified sad girl, it's nearly impossible for me to listen to anything upbeat while the weather is gloomy, so summer is the only time I can enjoy this music. As usual, I'll dive into five songs and link my full playlist below (I went a little overboard this year, so prepare.) And I've also reached out to a special guest to give you guys a bonus summer track.

Prescription by Remi Wolf

Like any Remi Wolf song, I fell in love with this upon the first listen. It was one of the first additions to my summer playlist, which was perfect because it's a great tune to ease you into summer vibes.

adios by JAWNY

This song honestly makes me want to get my heartbroken. Just kidding, universe, please don't. But seriously, I cannot get enough of this song despite its sad undertones. Someone needs to put this song in a movie immediately.

One That Got Away by MUNA

When I got the Apple Music notification on April 19 that MUNA released a new song I was embarrassingly excited. I love this song and I love when artists release such a masterpiece right in time for summer.

Waiting for You by The Aces

This is another great chill-esque song for summer. It takes the anxiety of having an unspoken crush and turns it into a fun listen.

Close to You by Dayglow

I first came across Dayglow under very undesirable circumstances, so their music in recent years has had a special place in my heart. I'm sure everyone can relate to the fantasy of something that never was.

You can find the full version of my spring playlist on Apple Music or Spotify.

What our Special Guest has to Say

If you were here last year, my summer playlist post involved a special guest (Twitter,) and I wanted to keep the tradition going in spirit of summer. This year, I reached out to my niece who is admittedly 10x cooler than me for her summer song selection. Here's what she had to say:

Apple Cider by beabadoobee

This song is just so cute and it gives off very much summer romance. It’s upbeat but still chill and it makes me want to go to on like a botanical garden date.

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