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Summer Playlist 2021

And A Word From Barack Obama

Everyone has their own unique way of arranging their playlists. Personally, I love to see what music I listen to throughout the seasons each year, so I arrange my playlists by season. Throughout the summer I have been adding songs that I keep on repeat to a playlist, and these are my top five picks from summer 2021.

Monday by Free Arlo

Starting out with a huge disclaimer that I totally don't condone the message of this song but I 100% will jam to it in my car. This song is the perfect mellow tune to play during a long car ride or while working away at your desk.

Grace by Surfaces

This was one of the first songs I added to my summer playlist and I vividly remember texting all of my friends and telling them to listen to it. I don't know what it is about it, but this song makes me so happy and I think everybody can use it somewhere in their world of playlists.

Hypnotica by COIN

This song captures summer perfectly, from the music, to the lyrics and the vibes it gives off. I love the versatility of this song, it is totally something you can belt out with the windows down or something to turn on while you motivate yourself to clean your room. I discovered COIN last year and all of their songs continue to amaze me.

Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers

This song has been on my queue for months, and finally landed a permanent spot in my library this summer. Everything about this song makes me want to turn my volume up and listen to it on repeat. If you love music that sounds uplifting, but is low-key depressing this song is totally for you.

I've loved this song even more since hearing it live and finding out that it is Barack Obama approved.

at least i'm pretty by Harriette

I stole this song from my (much cooler) friend Kate's summer playlist and will gladly admit it if it means I can continue listening. I've played this song in the car, during a shower, while baking cookies and pretty much any other time you could imagine. It has a perfect ambiance to it that has been unmatched by any other song I can find.

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