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Aura Photography and Reading

For almost a year, my friend and I have been dying to have our auras read. Today was finally the day that it happened, and I was even lucky enough that there is an aura photographer right here in Des Moines. I went into this experience not knowing what to expect or anything about my aura and left feeling so excited and eager to learn.

I walked into KIN, a local shop that I frequent often, and browsed as I waited for my turn to be called back into the photo room. There was a lovely little stool and two hand plates that I rested my palms on so that the metal could catch my vibe (my translation of how the device works) and convert it into a colorful masterpiece.

I stared into the camera for what felt like forever and saw tiny flashes of color go by. Then the machine next to me began to print my report and I could see my photo emerging from the camera. The lovely woman who read my aura seemed thrilled when she saw my picture, in her words I was a "human unicorn."

Having no prior knowledge of auras or aura photography, I waited for her in depth explanation. It is apparently not common for a person to have four or more colors present in their aura, but as you can see there is a lot going on in mine. She broke down each color and location, explaining what they may mean for my personal journey, my day-to-day life and how those around me view me.

My favorite part of the experience was finding out that the green color near my heart chakra could be representative of healing from something recently. It is crazy that so many parts of my inner world and my spiritual journey could be caught on camera and displayed for me to view and break down.

Currently, my photo is proudly displayed right above my desk and I plan to go back about once a year to see how I grow and change. The time and care that Kindred Auras took to explain what each element meant and sharing my excitement over seeing my aura was an experience I will be eternally grateful for.


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