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My Winter 2023 Playlist

Winter in Iowa is...well, it's not a happy time. It's too cold to spend time outside, too icy to drive in peace and way too dark for my liking. What winter is good for is giving me a free pass to listen to all of the sad music I want, and that's exactly what I do. So, if you're wondering about the top tunes I play while working from home all winter long, you've come to the right place.

Storms by Fleetwood Mac

I've been a Fleetwood Mac fan for years and their presence has been oddly low in my playlists recently. When Christine McVie died in November (so incredibly sad) my listening picked up again and I found myself coming to this song over and over. It's perfect for those winteresque self-deprecating feels.

Sea Lions by Samia

This was the first song I heard by Samia, and it got me hooked. I love the mixture of chill and upbeat vibes. Her voice is so angelic and her lyrics are just magic. The lyric "we'll never be like those lucky posers" and the eerie ending get me every time.

Ghost Machine by Husbands

This song is about as upbeat as my winter favorites get, and that says a lot. The song came out in December 2022, perfect timing to join my winter playlist and be added to many future queues. If you've ever lost something that you really didn't want to lose, join the club and turn on this song.

Alewife by Clairo

Sometimes the winter blues get me down, and this is the perfect song for having something playing but not having to get totally down by the lyrics. Don't get me wrong, they aren't particularly happy, but the music is powerful enough that I'm able to just listen and not internalize every once in a while.

Roadkill by fanclubwallet

One thing you should know about me, is I love an aggressive song. When I first found this song I wasn't hooked until I heard how intense it gets. Consider it a favor to the world that this song is only two minutes and four seconds long because if it were any longer I would scare some people.

Silver Stallion by Highwaymen

Okay, I know I typically only list five songs here, but you're getting a bonus track. My sister and I found Highwaymen on a late night drive, and I'm frankly insulted that nobody from my small town felt the need to introduce me to them sooner. Hilary has described them as the male boygenius of country music, and it's 100% accurate.

We first found them through the song "Highwayman" and Hilary texted me this song the next day saying that they were singing about me, so you know I was already obsessed. Small ego boost aside, it is such a beautiful song and I will cherish it forever.

You can find the full version of my winter playlist on Apple Music or Spotify.

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