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Beauty Products I Am Loving Right Now

Since I graduated in May and began working from home, I have had a lot more time on my hands. With this extra time I have started to explore the world of skincare and beauty and find a routine that works for me. Here are some products that I am currently using that seem to work well for my skin.

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Physicians Formula Foundation

I picked this foundation up at Target earlier last month for a wedding that I was in. Typically I don't wear foundation because of the weight it adds to my skin, but this one wears like a dream. It is extremely easy to apply thanks to the pump dispenser and blends so smoothly on my skin.

The top factor that made me grab this off of the shelf was that it had SPF. I am a huge sunscreen junkie, so when I saw that this foundation would protect me from the sun, I was sold. Initially I was going to buy this for the wedding and return it (shh, don't tell) but I will totally be keeping it and have used it so many times since I bought it.

I found this foundation at Target, but you can also purchase it directly from Physicians Formula.

Supergoop! Sunscreen Kit

As mentioned above, I am a total sunscreen addict. In a typical day you can find me applying at least three sunscreen products to my face between serums, moisturizers and chapsticks. This mini sunscreen kit caught my eye due to its bright packaging and adorable design.

This set includes a sunscreen lotion, primer and setting spray. I knew I had to have this when I thought of all the times I was unable to reapply my sunscreen because I had a full face of makeup on. Knowing my skin is protected underneath and above my makeup is a total game changer.

I bought this sunscreen kit from my local Anthropologie, but it is also available on the Supergoop! website.

Sonia Kashuk Lip Scrubber

Okay, I admit this one is a little ridiculous, but for five dollars how could I not let myself be a little extra. This lip exfoliator works just as well as lip scrubs I have had and is not nearly as messy. I love to use this before applying a lip mask at night, and my lips feel so soft the next morning.

This adorable tool came from the glorious aisles of Target.

Drunk Elephant Day Dream Serum Duo

I have had my eyes on Drunk Elephant for awhile, but I was never committed enough to splurge on their products. I picked up this little duo to give their stuff a try without causing major damage to my bank account-- spoiler alert, it was worth it.

Every morning I blend two pumps of each product together and apply them to my face and it has done wonders for my skin. I've noticed a brighter complexion and my skin feels tight and healthy. After these dry I put my daily sunscreen moisturizer on top of them and they work together perfectly.

I grabbed these from the mini's aisle in Sephora, but you can also find the exclusive duo at Kohl's.

Mount Lai Gua Sha

Ever since I ordered this tool a few months ago, my friends and family have not been able to get me to shut up about it. The queen herself, Lizzo, made a Tik Tok about her gua sha and I immediately scoured the internet for one of my own.

I use this tool at night with my moisturizer, following the included instructions, and I feel so luxurious while using it. I like to take my time massaging my face and enjoy the cool touch against my skin.

Mount Lai makes finding the right tool for you so easy and fun. They have a short quiz that tells you which stone is best for you and tool guides for beginners. I also love that this shop is woman owned and has deep family values.

You can shop this tool on the Mount Lai website.

Agave Washcloth

This washcloth was something I bought simply because I liked how it looked and it was under 10 dollars. However, it is now one of my must-have beauty products. I love that it is made from natural materials and has a rough and smooth side for dual use.

I typically only use it on my face, though I have used it to exfoliate my body in a pinch, and it makes my skin feel so smooth and clean. My face wash lathers extremely well in it, this is definitely one of the best washcloths I have ever had.

I snagged this from Anthropologie, but you can also find it from Nash & Jones.


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