The 5 Best Podcasts

Sometimes, music just does not cut it for me, but I do not want to sit in silence. As someone who does not enjoy television and loves to learn, podcasts were the perfect addition to my life. Here are the best 5 podcasts for you to take along on your drive to work, down grocery store aisles or just blare in your home for the neighborhood to enjoy.

My Favorite Murder- Karen Killgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Behold, the podcast that got me into podcasts. My sister, a fellow murder obsessed female, introduced me to the podcast awhile ago, and I cannot stop listening. As the title suggests- this podcast is all about murders, but not in the Forensic Files serious and accurate kind of way, more like the fun and light hearted way (as light hearted as you can get with murder.)

I have become so invested in this podcast that, I'm not kidding, if I do not listen for awhile I start to miss Karen and Georgia. I typically listen when driving home or to work, but it's also good to play when doing tasks around the house. Each podcast comes with a complimentary 20 minutes of pointless chatter, trust me, you'll grow to love it.

Their weekly podcast has grown to acquire quite the following, and made some adaptations to the growth. Now, they have smaller episodes called "minisodes" where listeners email in their hometown murders for Karen and Georgia to read on the podcast. They also have done multiple live shows and are currently on tour.

This podcast is the perfect place for anyone who loves murder but does not have anywhere to talk about it in a casual manner. Complete with hilarious jokes, their best part of the week and adorable cat meows, this is not a podcast you want to miss.

The Salt Company

The Salt Company is an amazing place where college students come together to worship Jesus, and their podcast is just that: recordings of the sermons. While I attend the Salt Company, the podcast is actually from one of the groups in a different town, so listening to it gives me access to extra content.

What I have been listening to lately, are the episodes from the 2019 Spring Conference. I was not able to go, but this enables me to hear the same messages that were given at the conference. I love listening to this podcast because now I can "go to church" anytime I want. There are multiple episodes, so it is easy to find a message tailored to what you are trying to hear, or you can choose one at random and still gain something from it.

I typically listen to this podcast in the morning to start my day off with new things to think about and spending time in the word.

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations

I love Oprah. Her show, her magazine, her books, and of course, her podcast. This woman has inspired me so much, I honestly cannot get enough of it. My weeks would not be the same without listening to these empowering messages from Oprah.

What makes this podcast stand out to me is that Oprah sits down with other famous people to discuss success, spirituality, overcoming hardship and many other topics. There is truly something for everybody here. Hearing other people talk about what they have gone through, how they made it in life and what practices have enhanced their being is essential to my life. Hearing it from successful people, is even better, knowing that other people came out of hard times, or knowing that they participated in a practice and it changed their views on the world, reassures me that I can make little changes to make my life better as well.

With all of the negative media put into the world every day, this podcast is a place I can go to recharge myself and fill my brain with positivity.

Happier With Gretchen Rubin

This is one of my go to podcasts when I am feeling a little bit out of it. I do not listen as often as I have before, it was my podcast that I listened to on morning walks but winter weather killed that practice. Even though I don't listen very much, this podcast had to be on the top 5 list.

So many things from this podcast I have been able to place into my daily life easily- this is not one of those places where super perfect people tell you these bizarre and expensive ways to improve your life, it is a podcast with simple things that will make you happier without even noticing. Two things that I have started doing since listening are: making my bed every morning and making a "19 for 2019" list. Neither of these are costly or time consuming, but both have made me happier.

Gretchen Rubin and her sister/ co-host Elizabeth Craft, make this podcast easy to listen to. It does not come off as preachy or professional, simply two women trying to make it in the world and sharing their happiness hacks with you. I love the low pressure feel of the podcast and hearing how little practices have changed their lives for the better.

And That's The Tea- Braydon Simms and Paige Farrell

Last, but not least, is And That's The Tea. If you know me, you know that I love finding new content and I love my friends, so this podcast was the perfect thing for me. I personally know Braydon and Paige, so being able to support them in their podcasting journey is amazing!

They just began uploading on Sound Cloud and you will not regret listening. Their first podcast is about relationships, straight up honest advice from young adults. This episode was everything you need to hear, but either don't want to or only your mom was willing to tell you. My favorite quote from this episode was "How you don't rely on people is suck it up," this is the kind of content I personally love. Those hard to swallow pills are sometimes the best, Braydon and Paige are so raw and honest in their podcast and will tell you just what you need to hear, and also offer as much support as they can.

What I love about their podcast is that they want to talk about what you want to hear about, they have a form where you can submit suggestions for them to talk about: questions, advice or tea. This podcast is like meeting whole new versions of Braydon and Paige. Both are very fun and care free people, but here they dig into the deeper sides of themselves, showing how they both view life and stay so positive.

They upload bi weekly and have a new podcast coming out this Saturday, so be sure to head over to listen and even leave a suggestion of your own.


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