Thanksgiving Break Intentions

As a kid, I was excited for Thanksgiving because I could sleep in all week, eat really good food and play with dolls all day. Now, I'm excited for break because I can catch up on school work without professors throwing more at me. I won't be going home to eat super good food, instead, I'll be at home re-organizing my life. Here are my intentions for the week.

1. Finish school work

I have a few assignments that are due right when break is over, and I am determined to get them done while I have entire days off of class. I have two essays and a project due, and I know if I really set my mind to it, and set my alarm, I will have plenty of time to complete them.

2. Spend time with friends

A lot of my friends on campus are not going home for break. However, all of my roommates are (sad day.) With the time off from school I really want to go home for at least a day and see my friends from high school. I also want to carve out time to invite some of my college friends over to hangout, even if it is just doing homework together. Since a few of us aren't even going home for Thanksgiving, we've started planning a Friendsgiving at my house.

3. Take time to rest

Okay, I need to get up at a decent time to get some school work done, but I also think I deserve to stop waking up at 5 a.m. every day. A reasonable compromise to me sounds like 7 a.m. I also want to take the time to clean up and re-organize my space and just pray over the last part of the semester and for the next year. Taking time to give thanks for the good that has happened this semester and ask for help in the bad or in the things I am worried about.

4. Stay active

I have gotten so lazy this semester. It has whacked any motivation to work out straight out of me. But, with the semi-nice weather we've been having and the extra time I will have, I really want to get out for a walk or run every day. Being outside clears my mind and is overall good for my health. Saying I'll go to the gym sounds good, but if we are keeping this realistic, I won't touch that place.


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