Oh, Lord, in a time like this I should've known, but never thought You'd teach me this much.

COVID-19 has wrecked my plans, invaded every aspect of my life so relentlessly in such an ugly way that demands compliance. There is no choice, there is no fighting it. We are all forced to surrender all to this virus.

Surrendering it all with no guaranteed outcome, and with no benefit to us.

I will not say it's been fun or easy, I will not say it was willingly or with a joyful heart. But I have given it all- my job, my schooling, my schedule, my social circle, my errands, my cleaning, my health precautions, my time, my mental energy, my focus. All to a virus.

And, Lord, I am sorry for when I have withheld these things from You- knowing You had a plan, knowing You were better, but never ready to willingly surrender.

The difference between You and this virus, is that when we surrender to You, we do so in confidence that You have plans for us, that You love us and that we will gain so much more in You.

When we surrender to You, it is willingly, yet in our best interest.

But God, even this virus will surrender to You. For You are more powerful and You are in control.

So, Lord, teach me in this time of surrender the freedom of letting go. Prepare my heart to continue surrendering to You each day.

Lord, may I never view forceful surrender as a source of fear, for I have already surrendered to the One who commands the whole earth.

We know how now, Lord, may that never be an excuse.


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