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20 for 2020

It's been a year, and I'm still obsessed with Gretchen Rubin's idea for this list and still hate the pressure of a single resolution. Here are 20 things I would like to accomplish in the grand, upcoming year of 2020.

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1. My first goal is to write 10 blog posts. It's not a lot by any means, but I want to blog more and I feel like having a small goal on the list will encourage me to get back into it. And maybe make my life more interesting so I have something to blog about.

2. Go to yoga. This was on my list last year, too. Yoga is one of those things that I want to be into, but I'm not naturally into it. So, here's to another year of forcing myself to enjoy yoga.

3. I also want to read 25 books this year. I love reading, and I got really into it last year during a rough time where I wanted to consume anything that wasn't my own life. I feel like with all of my boring text books, I need to be reading fun things to remind myself that reading isn't always life-draining.

4. Volunteer. I hardcore need to get better at being a part of something bigger and doing something that does not benefit me in any way shape or form. Also, volunteering can totally be fun..right?

5. This coming year, I would like to disciple somebody. People who I've been discipled by have helped me so much and I would love to be able to do that for another young woman.

6. Share my faith. This one kind of sounds like number five, but it's not, I swear I'm not cheating. I have a problem where I'm very picky with how bold I'll be, and honestly, the problem needs to stop. This year I want to talk to more strangers, friends, co workers, anybody about the gospel. Sharing is caring, am I right?

7. Celebrate life. Don't ask me what this entails, it sounds fun and I want to do it.

8. My current talents include: saying the alphabet backwards and making paper cranes. In an attempt to become cooler, I want to learn a new skill.

9. Go to a concert. Last summer was the summer of concerts for me, and I was loving it. So, I'm going to another one this year, no clue where, no clue when and no clue who. But I'm doing it.

10. Plant something. Since my aloe vera plant was traumatically kidnapped, and I bought it from a store already planted, I want to plant a new thing of my own. Get more connected to the earth or something like that.

11. Buy new clothes. I went through this ridiculous time where I was convinced I only looked good in black. Now that I'm over that, I want to treat myself to new clothes that come in colors. And by colors I mean white brown and grey.

12. Try a new food. As a picky eater with a lot of stupid food rules, I must do this to not seem like a toddler who only orders chicken strips.

13. When I decide I don't want something anymore, my first instinct is to sell it, and if it doesn't sell it usually ends up in the dumpster. I want to get better at donating this year, whether it's clothes, money or time.

14. It's really hard for me to do things alone. I either think everyone is judging me or I freak out thinking I'm going to get kidnapped. But, as a human, I have to do things alone sometimes. So, this year I'm going to start getting used to it.

15. Write a short story. Last year, I told myself I would write a book, that did not happen. I feel like writing a short story is more realistic and I already have a few ideas for one.

16. Slow down. Yikes, this one hurts. I am always bouncing from one task to the next, never letting myself fully enjoy a moment. This year I want to slow down, enjoy things and not constantly feel like I'm racing against an imaginary clock.

17. Drink more water. Honestly, everyone needs to do this.

18. Plan a vacation. Please note the word "plan" because ya girl is broke, but she can dream.

19. Get a raise. I really have no control over this, but I feel like it could totally happen and putting it on the list is one step in that direction. Hold on while I call HR.

20. Make a new friend. I feel like this will always be on my list. People need friends. You need good friends and you need new ones everywhere you go. So be a friend and make a friend.

My theme resolution for the year is "get it done." Whether that means dragging myself out of bed on my day off to do yoga or submitting a sub-par essay because I spent more time with friends than I did studying. I just want to get stuff done and enjoy myself this year.

And there you have it, my cheesy New Years list, tacked to my wall as a pleasant reminder each day that I have stuff to do. Feel free to leave a comment if you decide to make your own 20 for 2020 list!


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