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Starting fresh: 19 for 2019

New Years Resolutions are hard, stressful and usually leave me feeling unaccomplished and like a failure. In an effort to rid myself of this feeling, while still making goals for improvement, I have jumped on board with Gretchen Rubin's idea and compiled a list of 19 things I would like to do in 2019.


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1. Read twenty books. Okay, this one will not be hard, but just incase I get off track with my reading I will have this goal to get me back into the pages.

2. Speaking of books, did I ever mention ya girl is trying to write one? Another goal is to complete that book.

3. Try a food I used to dislike. Picky eating, be gone, for all I know my taste buds could have changed and I could be missing out on some amazing mustard.

4. Add 1,000 dollars into my savings. This may not seem like much, but as a full time college student and part time worker- with bills, I would be proud to accomplish this.

5. Complete my 20 by 20 list. Can you tell I like lists, and goal setting?

6. Run 365 miles. Realistic me is thinking "that is one mile a day," ridiculous and procrastinating me is thinking "if I run a ten minute mile, that is 3650 minutes, which is almost 70 hours, which is less than three days...."

7. Make a new friend. This really, is never a bad idea.

8. Get more involved in my church. This could be anything from joining a study group to helping out with a Sunday school class, I just strongly desire to grow closer into my church and to Jesus.

9. Switch to non-toxic beauty and hygiene products. Did you know that a lot of mascara's are made with coal tar? No, thank you.

10. Get more organized. Am I using this as an excuse to buy another awesome planner and cute stationary? Yes. Will it actually help? Yes.

11. Volunteer. There are so many awesome ways to help others in my community that I haven't taken advantage of yet, watch out 2019!

12. Start using essential oils. This is always something I have been interested, and even read books about, but never done. I want to, so I am.

13. Should I do a number 13? Is that bad luck? This is irrational. In 2019 I want to overcome one of my irrational fears.

14. Go 30 days without social media. This is something I try to do every year, and I never regret it.

15. Graduate with my Associates Degree. This is so exciting to write down, because it is becoming so real!

16. Go to a yoga class, at least once a month. I love yoga, but somehow it always gets pushed to the back and forgotten about in my routine. In 2019, I will make time for it.

17. Take my nieces on a princess day. When I was younger, my mom would take me and my sister, along with her friend and her two daughters, out for a day of fun and shopping called "princess days." I want to gift this experience back to my nieces.

18. Eat something that I grew myself. This may be basil, or it may be a whole watermelon, we'll have to wait and see.

19. Create a vision board. My 2019 goals do not stop with this list. I always talk about a vision board, so time to make it a reality.

That's it! 19 things I would like to accomplish in 2019, regardless of how big or small they are, I am excited to tackle every item on this list.

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