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Self Love: Buy The Pajamas

Hi, there. I thought it would be fun if I started a series on here of small (yet effective) self love tips I have learned over the years. For my first tip, I am going to share the magic of having actual pajamas. I believe I picked up this tip from Marie Kondo, and she was 100% right, even when lounging around the house, I feel better about myself in a comfy waffle knit outfit than in an old ratty tee shirt.

What I love about purchasing pajamas for myself is that I feel like royalty when wearing them. Having an adorable matching outfit that is solely designated for spending casual time indoors is like a dream to me.

I also am a huge believer that our surroundings influence our mental health (among many other things.) So, I have been trying to steer away from dressing myself in old, ugly or worn out clothes. Pajamas are my way of feeling put together even when I don't have the motivation to get out of bed.

If you think you want to hop on board with this tip, try out some of my favorite pajama sets I have bought or pieced together here:

Orange and Pink

(pictured above)

I gifted this pajama set to myself as a housewarming present since I just moved at the beginning of this month. This set did not come as a match, but I fell in love with the sweatshirt and then saw its full potential when I found these shorts.

What I love about this set is that it is perfect for "in between weather." The nights right now are getting pretty chilly, but it is fairly warm during the day. The combination of exposed legs and a warm top helps me stay comfortable all night (and sometimes all day) in this fit.

You can shop the bottoms here, and I bought the top on clearance which has sold out now, but there is a similar sweater here.

Sage Green and Leopard

This set is from Pretty Little Thing and I think it is absolutely adorable. I love the subtle print of the leopard and palm leaves agains the chic sage green base. The silky fabric feels so smooth against your skin and is great for your skin (especially while sleeping!)

I have been very into greens lately, and love this lighter take on a green shade. I also have a love for cats, big and small, so the leopards are a great trendy bonus.

You can shop this set here.

Dark Brown

If you need something super comfy and budget-friendly, this Amazon set is a perfect match. You can shop it in 13 colors, but I love the coffee brown option. Similar to the first set, I like the mix of long sleeves and shorts for a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Another bonus to this set is that it is totally cute enough to wear outside if needed. I have made a few Starbucks run in this and felt very cute while doing so. You can even split it up and wear the sweater with jeans or sweatpants for a cozy fall look.

This set is available here from Amazon.

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