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Products I've Sampled Recently

One of the many benefits to writing eCommerce is the product samples. I mean, seriously, the brands that are willing to send me totally free full sized products to keep and enjoy in exchange for reviewing them is nuts. To save my friends and family from having to hear about every single product, I figured I could tell you guys, because some of these products are so good that I have to write about them twice.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation

I've loved the Neutrogena brand since I was a little girl and have stayed insanely loyal to their SPF lotion-- seriously I put it on every single morning. So I was more than excited when they reached out to send me a sample of their foundation.

Not only did they shade match me perfectly simply from my gmail profile picture, but the foundation is truly one of the best I've ever owned. It blended in so smoothly, felt light against my skin and held up for hours. I got so many compliments while wearing it and felt even better knowing it had an extra SPF boost to keep my skin protected.

You can find the foundation at any mass retailer or on their website here.

Pentair Rocean Reservoir

When I first got the email from Pentair Rocean, I knew the product would be an excellent fit for It's small, doesn't require plumbing to set up and helps reduce the use of plastic water bottles. What I didn't know is that it would drastically change my life after only a week of having it.

My water consumption used to be an absolute joke. I don't have the fridge space to buy bottled water, but I cannot stand the taste of tap water unless it is freezing cold. And because I'm far too lazy to keep up the maintenance of always having a cold water bottle waiting for me in the fridge I knew this filter would help.

It is currently living on my desk, and I am seriously impressed with how little space it takes up. It holds 2 liters of water and ever since having it I have successfully drank a full 2 liters each day. So, thanks Pentair Rocean!

You can buy this water filter on their website here.

CLEAN DESIGN HOME x Martex Towels and Bed Sheets

Okay, can I be a little gross for a second? Thank you. I've had the same bed sheets on my bed for at least three years, and while most people don't find that disgusting, the thought of me doing that makes me cringe. As a girl who washes her sheets once a week, I could tell my old ones were getting, well...old. So when I was offered to receive a sample of these new sheets I was ecstatic.

These 100% cotton sheets went on my bed immediately after opening them and my bed has never felt as luxurious as it does with this sheet set. I also love that they are allergen-free because frankly, allergies have been kicking my ass recently.

To make things even better, they also sent me a sample of their allergen-free bath towels. While I was a little hesitant to put my adorable Refinery29 towels on hold, I'm glad I did because these towels are so comfortable and help me dry off insanely fast.

You can buy the bed sheets at Macy's here and the towels here.

Omie Bento Box

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for anything small, practical and colorful. Making this Omie bento box a must-have in my life. The box has three compartments, one large and two small, to carry your food in and comes with highly secure lids.

This is a great change-up from the usual glass tupperware from Anchor that I use. Not that there was anything wrong with that set, but it did get a little bit heavy and scary to carry around. I'm not the type of gal that wants to have to sweep up glass because she got a little too excited about her lunch.

I also loved that this bento box is part of their new OmieGo collection that is made with recycled materials-- yay for saving the planet.

Pick up your own OmieGo bento box here.

Chirp Foam Rollers

While working out isn't totally my jam (trying to fix that, send tips) I do go on a lot of walks and hit up my yoga studio regularly. The only downside to staying more fit has been my body completely retaliating by being sore and unmanageable after a hard workout.

When I unboxed these Chirp foam rollers I knew I was going to love them. They sent me a pack of four in various sizes for my back, legs and even one small enough for my neck. I've been using these after workouts and even outside of my workouts in my daily stretching routine.

You can grab these foam rollers on Chirp's website here.

If you're a brand with a great product that you'd like to send me and have reviewed in one of the publications I write for, please never hesitate to use that contact button and reach out to me. And if you're a freelancer needing tips on how to find products and connect with the PR world feel free to reach out as well, I'd love to help.


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