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Podcasts I am Currently Streaming

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to stay in the loop and learn about new things. Here are some of the podcasts that I have in my queue right now.

My Favorite Murder

I've been a huge MFM fan for years, ever since my older sister told me about the podcast. While I am a huge true crime fan, I also grew to love Karen and Georgias banter and company on my drives or quiet days at home.

If you love true crime and appreciate dark/ odd humor, you'll love this podcast. But if you hate people joking about serious topics please stay away from this podcast...and from me. I love that this podcast keeps me educated in the true crime realm and allows me to feel like I'm getting to know the hosts more and more with each episode.

The Daily

One weird fact about me? I listed to The Daily every morning while I take a shower and get ready for the day. This is a habit I started a few months ago and I have yet to be let down by an episode. I love that each episode is a small nugget of information before I start my day. It allows me to feel more educated about the events happening around me and helps keep my mind open to larger issues in the world.

Happier With Gretchen Rubin

I found this podcast when I was on a huge self improvement kick back in 2018. While I'm not a super frequent listener, I will scroll through occasionally to find titles that sound interesting and always walk away feeling better and a little smarter.

My favorite part of this podcast is that all of the advice is super practical and attainable. I got really fed up with podcasts or other media centered around becoming happier always pushing things on me that would take hours to complete or cost me an arm and a leg. But that's not what you'll find here. So if you're looking for small simple things to bring more joy into your life, this is it.

Allure: The Science of Beauty

I actually just found out about this podcast while flipping through magazines with my sister. Naturally, I went home and found an episode to stream (my pick was Ep. 13 | Skin-Care Layering.) After listening, I can't wait to dig through old episode and cue into new ones to get the ins and outs of beauty struggles and trends.

What I love about this podcast is that it comes from an extremely reliable source in my world. I am always cued into Condé Nast for all things beauty and fashion, so listening to their advice on beauty regimens seemed like the next best step for me. It is also much easier for me to turn on a podcast than it is to do the deep research and reading to find out the facts for myself.


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