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One Sentence Horoscopes: 10/3

If you know me irl you know that I love all things astrology and trust every horoscope with my life, even Sorrow-scopes. While I am not an astrologer, I do have friends with almost every sign and have began to figure out how each of them work. Therefore, I am taking it upon myself to provide you with one sentence each week. They might be serious, funny or totally unhinged, and whether you believe them is up to you


Give yourself a self-care night, you and your friends will thank you for it.


Winter is approaching, take this week to get all of your crazy driving out before it gets dangerous.


The more you talk about yourself the more you hate yourself, it's time for introspection and you can do the questioning Scorpio would normally do.


New challenge for you, Cancer, shoot for 30 minutes of not crying.


Put your charm to work, you know you're the best, find a way to get people to pay you for it.


Let up on your Instacart shopper, they're trying their best and have no clue about your intense method of choosing grapes.


Allow yourself to not keep the peace just once with that terrible co-worker you have.


Sometimes it's better to not understand, and you don't have to interview (interrogate) everybody you meet.


If your freedom becomes too isolating, try calling a friend, or do what you really want and pick up some more shifts at work.


Try relaxing-- take some deep breaths, plan a vacation and take off that oversized shirt you've been wearing all week.


Get in touch with your creative side by going thrifting or finding hilarious ways to insult that person who is making you feel weird.


We know you're a water sign, but your home shouldn't look like it just survived a flood, pick up and enjoy some peace.


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