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NYC 2024

A few years ago, my friend from college moved to NYC for a job opportunity. Since then, we've kept in touch using my bff, the internet. After tons of weekly photo dumps, life updates and loose plans to see each other, I finally made my way over.

Day 1

I got to Kate's around 1pm and we got caught up on some of the more pressing items in our lives. Then, we got lunch. Something about airport food just doesn't sit right with me so I was very excited to eat.

After lunch we embarked on our first mission — library card. I've been collecting library cards everywhere I go for a few years now (hello free audio books) but the last time I was in NYC the libraries were closed for a holiday.

We ended the night with the first episode of Stolen Youth.

Day 2

We woke up and walked to a bagel shop that had... no bagels. So we walked to another bagel shop that did have bagels. Hard times. We took said bagels to Central Park and Kate showed me her hilarious game of pretending she is a nanny and making up life stories for kids at the park. I choose a really cool looking kid that was wearing all black. (No kids were approached or harmed.) We finished our bagels and found a quiet spot to read. Spoiler: no reading happened.

After the park we went to Joe & The Juice. Here, we chatted about good baby names, awful baby names and witnessed some of the world's most insane PDA.

We went to Serafina for dinner and closed out the night with the second episode of Stolen Youth.

Day 3

Another morning meant another breakfast hunt. We got coffee and crepes and enjoyed them in Central Park. Then we went to Chelsea Market to get photos of our irises at Cosmic Eye.

The process consisted of having a really bright light shining in your eye while you open your eye wider than any human should and look into a camera. It was quick, easy and only slightly painful. You can find the photo of my eye in the footer of my website. The photos can be made into necklaces, bracelets, keychains and prints. We both chose a keychain.

We walked around for a bit longer. Hit a thrift store, where I found a really cool leather jacket then went to get sandwiches. We took the sandwiches to a rooftop showing of Big Daddy. I didn't realize it was father's day until halfway through the movie, which made the showing make a lot more sense.

After that, we went back to her apartment and I packed up my things. We watched the last episode of Stolen Youth and went to bed.

Overall, it was a really chill weekend. Not to dog on my bff, the internet, but there's nothing better than catching up in person.


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