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Los Angeles 2023

Plus, My First Work Trip

If you've been here for awhile, you know that in 2020-2021 I was in California a lot. Now it's 2023, and the world brought me back again, this time for work. My company hosted their annual summit and I got the chance to meet my co workers, see the office, go to many new restaurants, explore VR and even step foot in the Magic Castle.

Since I began freelancing in 2021, all of my work was done from home, and all meetings were taken on Zoom. So meeting all of my co workers at once was exciting and terrifying. I had never been to a work event in my professional life before, let alone been flown out for one. But, as I could tell through Zoom boxes and Slack channels, my co workers were extremely cool.

What I loved about the summit was that it didn't necessarily feel like work, but somehow made me eager to go home and work even more. Knowing just how great everyone was and seeing how excited they were to get together and discuss everything from their personal life to their job, and big ideas made me proud to work where I do. I guess what they say about company culture being important is true.

Overall, the trip was great. I'm glad to check "company summit" off of my professional life bingo card, and I learned that meeting your co workers actually isn't scary at all. Watch out, because my next post might be about me moving to LA for the warmer weather and working in office.


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