My First Month At Drake University

Hi, ya'll! It's been a long time since I've sat down and written for fun. Trust me, I've been writing plenty for school though. This August I officially became a bulldog and began my studies at Drake, here's what my first month has taught me.

1. Drake busy is REAL

Holy cow, guys. I heard everyone talk about "Drake busy" and thought either a) it was fake or b) I had time before it finally hit me. I was so wrong. Before I knew it, I am enrolled full time, working 30 hours a week, on leadership at my church and signing up for three clubs in the activities fair.

The worst thing about Drake busy is not having so much to do, but rather that all of your peers also have so much to do. Planning around one busy schedule can be manageable, but trying to find time to grab lunch with a friend results in awkward 20 minute in-between-class periods or accepting the reality that your next break isn't until actual fall break.

2. Private Schools Aren't All That

Before coming to Drake, I took two years at the local community college. Here, the class sizes are exactly the same, I feel like my professors care just as much about me and the professors seem just as capable of teaching. Don't get me wrong- private schools are nice, but I will never scoff at someones decision or allow them to get themselves down about going to state school again.

3. I'm Totally In The Right Place

Although I just said the quality of community college was about the same, I couldn't stay there forever. As for options after my first two years- this was the best choice.

I love the small class sizes, being from a small town where I graduated with about 90 other students, I can't imagine sitting amongst 200 other students to learn. There is opportunity for questions and discussion based learning which I thrive off of. Also, it leaves better chance to make friends with class mates.

There are so many resources I will be able to utilize at Drake, and every advisor I have met is more than willing to help me achieve my goals and provide me with any information to get further.

Plus, Griff. Our live mascot, who is actually the best dog ever.

I am so excited to call Drake my home for these next two years and get the help I need to jumpstart my career once senior year closes.


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