January Intentions

Although I made a list of things I would like to tackle in the new year, you can check that out here, I still returned to my monthly habit of setting intentions for the next 30 days. Here is what I am working on for January.


Winter break never fails to throw off any routine or flow I had going, but I want to get it back. I plan to head to bed and wake up at the same time every day, for starters. Along with these set times, I want to set aside time each morning and night to preform a small self care routine. The last thing I confidently believe I could throw in to a set routine, is finding at least 30 minutes a day to spend reading.

Go Non-Toxic

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and have slowly been integrating into my life. My main plans for going non- toxic are: switching to non-toxic makeup (my favorite brand is 100% Pure,) research before I buy, and opt for reusable alternatives when I can. I think the middle one will make the other two way easy to follow. In the past I would buy things because of the brand or because it had good reviews, never really looking into the ingredients or how it could affect the environment. Hopefully being more mindful about products toxicity will help keep myself and the environment cleaner.

Stay Happy

Happiness is so strange, what defines it, who says something is happy or not, how do you find it? I don't believe there is an answer to those questions, so I just decided that I am happy, now I want to stay happy. One step toward this, is only listening to positive things. That means books, music, podcasts and even conversations with other people. If I am listening to negative things I tend to fall into that, but it is pretty hard to be sad while listening to uplifting music. I also want to do something fun every day, it can be big or small, and keep a gratitude journal to look back on during harder days.

Set Boundaries

A main way to keep myself happy and able to accomplish all I want to is to make sure other people are treating me well. I will set the blueprint for how others treat me by learning to say "no," if I do not want to do something I should not be afraid to say so. Also, showing people how I want to be treated, and when people or things cause me stress walk away for awhile. If I am taking care of myself, and those around me respect that, there's no way I won't succeed in the other areas of life.


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