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In Honor of National Coffee Day, Here are Three of My Favorite DSM Coffee Shops

Have you heard the news? It's National Coffee Day! As if I needed another reason to keep pouring more in my mug today. I figured a great way to celebrate this holiday would be to shine a light on some of my favorite coffee shops where I live.

I discovered this Downtown gem during my junior year of college, and it truthfully changed my life. Most coffee shops I come across are loud, full and bustling (which is great) but sometimes I enjoy a zen take on my coffee break.

This place is great for sitting down at their adorable tables to pump out some work, or having deep talks with friends you haven't seen in awhile. My favorite drink from DreiBerge is their Iced Americano, it's so good that I hesitate to get them elsewhere because nothing can compare.

If sustainability and aesthetic are things that matter to you, you have to check out this coffee shop. Their drinks come in a reusable glass container that you can take home (yes!!) this encourages customers to bring back their glass to save money, or keep collecting them for adorable cups at home.

Every time my friends and I head their way, I order their oat milk latte with brown sugar.

It would simply be wrong to talk about coffee shops without including this actual heaven on hearth. Coffee Cats is just what it sounds like, a coffee shop with cats. This cafe joined with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa to bring awareness to the kittens awaiting a home, and bring them closer to you.

You can enjoy the cafe's pastries, smoothies and coffee anytime, but to enter the cat lounge they require a $10 cover. This cover helps them provide the cats with an amazing life inside the shelter, and keeps them out of dangerous situations.

If you decide to stop by here, pick up one of their delicious lattes (and a new cat.)

That's all for my recommendations for now. If you have a coffee shop you love, be sure to let me know so I can get my hands on their menu.


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