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Hinterland 2022

This past weekend my sister and I took my niece and her friend to Hinterland Music Festival in Saint Charles. We mainly came to see Phoebe Bridgers, but also got to enjoy a few other great artists during the one day we went. This was my first time at Hinterland and I have a lot to say about my great experience there.

Getting There

The festival was extremely easy for us to get to. We had a short half hour drive to the parking lot where a shuttle took us from the lot to the Amphitheater (the first time I've been on a school bus in years.)

Once we got there the venue was very easy to navigate. The lines went super quickly and they didn't even check our tickets (we paid, I promise.) There were plenty of open spots to sit and enjoy the music, up close and further back.

Food & Activities

A festival wouldn't be a festival to me unless a bomb grilled cheese sandwich is involved-- and of course their was. I got a Margherita styled one that was by far the best I've ever had. They had a ton of local food trucks with almost anything you could ask for.

The venue also had free water stations where you could refill your bottles. Honestly, I loved this feature. It's insane to expect people to hangout at your festival all day in the heat and pay for overpriced water all day long...hats off to you, Hinterland.

There were a lot of activities outside of the music, but since I was just there for one day I only had time for the sound bath tent. They played healing frequencies while we relaxed on pillows away from the sun. They also had people coming around to spray us with eucalyptus water mist and fan us with leaves.


The first act that we saw was the band MUNA. I've been a fan of them for years but never went out of my way to find a concert of theirs so this was a total blast. They had so much energy and were truly a great performance to watch.

Since Phoebe was also at the festival, they gave us Silk Chiffon live, the performance I didn't know I needed in my life but totally did.

Lucy Dacus

After seeing Lucy live I know that I've been pronouncing her last name wrong for over a year, I also know how to say it correctly now. We sat down for most of Lucy's set because the heat was so intense (this is really an event that needs to happen in the fall, scorching August heat plus no trees does not equal a good time.)

I was so happy to hear Night Shift live, it's been one of my favorite songs for a long time and it was even better coming straight from Lucy herself.

Phoebe Bridgers

Of course the thing I wanted most had to come with a small challenge first. Right before Phoebe's set there was projected lightening in the area so we had to shelter in our cars for about an hour and wait until she could start. Totally worth the wait.

Our friend got us into the VIP section which had a special part of the audience to stand in. So that gracious act plus a lot of people leaving during the delay put us pretty close. This was the second concert of hers I've been to and somehow she gets better and better with every song she performs.

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