February Intentions

Yikes! Guys, I almost missed it. Sorry, February, I promise I did not forget about you, and I swear I made intentions for you. Clearly, keeping my blog updated was not one of them. Here are my intentions that I set for this short, cold month of February.


Countless times throughout the day, my Apple Watch will buzz and tell me to take a minute to breathe, and most of the time, I ignore it. I know I need to be better about taking time for breathing, and when I did, a new category opened in my health app: mindful minutes. So, I figured a goal for this month would be 10 minutes per day. I use the breathing app during my breaks at work, and when I first lay down in bed, it has really helped me to slow down and stop the racing thoughts in my head. Along with this, I have found that it is easier for me to take time and journal. In the past, I knew I wanted to journal, but I would rush through it. Why was I in a hurry? I have no clue, probably to go rush through another task I did not need to rush through. Now that I can feel slowed down enough to journal, it is a much more positive experience.

Self Acceptance

The first thing I wrote under this in my planner was "if I wouldn't say it to a friend, I'm not saying it to myself," and I think that is powerful. Sometimes I forget that I am a human with emotions, and that my words have power, not just on others, but on myself. Self acceptance has been something I have battled with for years, my view on it now: fake it 'till ya make it. If I am not 100% on board with my whole self right now, oh well, I am going to act like it, and one day it will be true. This month, I am focusing on taking any negative self talk, and replacing it, in my head or out loud, with positive talk the second it happens.

Lighten Up

This one goes hand in hand with the previous two, sometimes I take things too seriously when it is not needed. Throughout the month, I want to focus on finding time for fun, nothing I am doing is too important that I can not make time to smile or laugh. Sometimes I find myself wondering how other people can do this, why is this professor singing in class, why did this girl just laugh during a serious church sermon, what are they thinking? Well, they are enjoying themselves. I have come to realize that it is not an either or situation, I can be serious about my life and be successful while making life fun. There is nothing to worry about losing because perfect does not exist...thank goodness.

Listen To God

This one has weighed very heavily on my heart for awhile. I have felt God pulling me in different directions, directions I was scared to go in. And I have felt Him testing me and challenging me in my life, this month I decided I need to focus on what He is saying to me. Stay tuned for another post about one major way He worked in my life this month...


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