December Intentions

As a part of my monthly routine, I like to set four intentions to follow throughout the month. This practice helps me have something to focus on and improve in my personal life. Here I will share with you guys my intentions for this month, why I chose them, and how I plan to integrate them into my life.

Celebrate Him

My first intention for this month was to celebrate God. With the holiday season rolling around many people, including myself, tend to get caught up in the materialistic aspects of the season more than the actual reason for the season. This year, I wanted to let go of the "perfect" Christmas or the "perfect" gift and just set my focus on things above and allow the rest to fall into place.

In order to do this, I challenged myself to give, as much as possible. I looked to give as much of my time, love help and of course, presents, as I saw fit and felt right between me and my Creator. Through the giving spirit I would feel like I brought God and His will back into the season through some of my actions.

I also decided I would keep my focus on things above. So easily, I throw the real meaning of this season out the window and get right into how much money I am going to spend on gifts, what color Christmas cookies should be, and which matching pajamas would make my siblings happiest with me. None of that matters, the season is full of joy already, because of Him.

Make Decisions

"I don't care" has got to be one of my most used phrases. Partially because I really do not care, and partially because decision making scares me. Okay, I said it, I am scared of decisions. If a situation arises where someone else can make the choice for me I jump all over that.

But I am realizing that there is nothing to fear in decisions, and by making them I will take control over my life. My game plan for this seemingly impossible task? Start small. If someone asks me how I want my coffee "however is fine" is not a good response (although I will drink it however, do not let this stop you from bringing me free coffee,) I will tell them how I want it and enjoy it so much more.

The more I make decisions, the more control I will have and I will build more confidence in my own opinions. I just need to step out of my comfort zone first.

Talk to Yourself Like You Would Someone Else

This is a big one. Kindness is so important, not just towards others but towards yourself. Often times we want to be as nice as possible to other people, but when it comes to self talk, we let go of the smile and compliments and replace it with criticism. What?!

I vowed this month to use the same soft and uplifting words given to others, on myself. I vowed to overlook my flaws rather than point them out and remind myself every day that I can and I will do it, whatever "it" is.

Savor Moments

Tying back into intention number one, living in the moment. The future is so bright and so full of possibilities, but I am not there yet, so why focus so hard on it? This month I really wanted to focus on savoring the moment that I am in, realizing what a gift it is and making the most out of it.

I set out to be present, stop rushing through things and to appreciate the time people give me. I am not going to get to the future any faster, no matter what I do. Recognizing that I am living right now, and that little moments that I will remember forever are currently being created has helped ground me and lead me to appreciate all I have and hold off on anticipating everything that is to come.

These were my four intentions for this month, you can also check them out on my Instagram. I would love to see your intentions for the month and how you plan to follow them.

See ya later!


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