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I'm Expanding! Creative Tab Now Open

By now, everyone here can see that I love to write. I do it for work, for fun, as a way to volunteer and much more. I've been creatively writing for years but have always been too critical of my own work to share it, until now. I will be releasing select creative works on my creative tab for you all to enjoy my short stories. Here's more about it:

The first short story I remember writing and feeling proud of was written my freshman year of high school. I'm sure if I read it today I would laugh at what I thought was a good piece of work, but I'm convinced I could revamp it if only I could get my hands on it. For me, creative writing was the easiest thing to do in school because it was fun and had minimal guidelines.

After school, I continued my creative writing, but since nobody was assigning me these masterpieces to create they have been hidden from the world. Writing is hard. Your work is shared with the world where your biggest fans and haters can watch you fail, succeed, grow and learn. Since I've had to get over this, due to my job and the creation of my blog, I figured it was time to bring these stories to light.

Most of what I write is a little odd, I have a healthy mix of dark fiction, flash fiction, religious satire and whatever else my brain thinks is a good idea. Almost all of my work can be attributed to my overactive brain: spinning true events into wild endings, crazy scenarios that would never happen and turning my dreams into stories. A lot of my stories do involve people that I know irl. Please take everything I write with a grain of salt and remember, we're all the bad guy in someone's story.

I am currently working on publishing a book of short stories and have been actively involved in a local writer's group. Both of these have motivated me to write more, so soon that tab should be full of content for you to dive into. I am looking forward to taking my creative writing more seriously and seeing what I can come up with. Thanks for joining me and reading all of the words I decide to write.

"If you can write one short story a week—it doesn't matter what the quality is to start, but at least you're practicing, and at the end of the year you have 52 short stories, and I defy you to write 52 bad ones. Can't be done." -Ray Bradbury


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