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La Jolla 2021

Last weekend I had the joy of visiting La Jolla to see my boyfriend. I was there for a short three days and, of course, I was bound to make the most of my time there. Since it is pretty chilly right now, the ocean was not at the top of my list, forcing me to be more creative with plans and ideas. If you're visiting the San Diego area, consider these fun stops in La Jolla.


After breakfast one morning, we went on a walk and I spotted this store from across the street. I walked past it assuming it was a coffee shop until I saw a moon poster hanging in their door. To my luck, it wasn't a food joint and instead was a darling crystal shop that I spent far too much time in.

The store had a welcoming and fresh vibe to it and was full of books, clothing, crystals, jewelry and pretty much everything you could imagine. I ended up grabbing a bracelet and a few crystals, but will be browsing their online shop for things that I couldn't fit back on the plane.

Oltre Mare

If you love small family owned restaurants, this place is for you! We ate dinner here on the last night of my trip and were greeted with amazing food and the most kindhearted workers ever. When we walked in the restaurant was completely packed with only one empty table. Obviously this was a great sign as to how amazing the food was.

I ordered the ricotta gnocchi and to be honest, I could eat that every day for the rest of my life. Not to mention the weather was perfect for our outdoor seating and it was a terrific finish to the trip.

La Jolla Blvd.

Okay, I know that a street isn't necessarily a great tourist attraction; but we took a walk down this street and found so many great shops and sites. We stopped at Seaside Surf Cafe for breakfast (their açaí bowls are to die for) and enjoyed peaking around at the connected surf shop.

After breakfast we walked down the street and found Lavande, an adorable BMW servicer and a gorgeous park that we didn't stop at due to my complaints about the cold. Overall, if you have time for a leisurely walk during your time in La Jolla, I recommend carving out plenty of time to stop into all of the adorable places along the way.

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