Note: This is a piece I shared on my Instagram in July. I recently re-read it and decided I wanted to share it here as well.

I moved just a month ago. On the first night in my new home I noticed the sunset. It aligned perfectly to my bedroom window. Each night I watch it in awe, wondering, was it always this beautiful?

You see, I wasn't a big sunset person before I moved. But every single one has stopped me in my tracks. Dusty orange clouds, a pink sky outlined by black clouds, a full moon lighting up the sky giving the purple glow longer to fade. Is it just this summer, or has the sunset always been so pretty?

I often ask that question: has life always been so good, have I always been so worthy, has Christ always been so beautiful?

Yes, yes, yes.

Sometimes we need movement to see the good things around us. Move your heart closer to God's and you will see the beauty in creation. Move scripture into your heart and you will see you're worth. Move your eyes closer to the Bible and you will see Christ in His perfect glory.

When you're moving, a shadow of fear may come over you. A longing for what you lost, what you left in the dark. Keep going. Have hope and follow His light.

To the unbeliever: move into openness, there are endless things for you to see.

To the new Christian: move closer, keep pursuing Him.

To the one who is drifting: move as fast as you can, He's waiting.

To the mature Christian: move out of your comfort zone, He has new things to show you.

Move closer to Him, move together and I promise He will reveal His beauty.


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