4 Ways to Spend Your Snow Day

You wake up, not quite ready to brave the day, or the weather, then it happens. The moment you've been waiting for. You get that automated message "Due to weather conditions, campus is closed today," yay! With the excitement of a whole unplanned day off comes the struggle of finding just what to do with it. Here are four things you can do to enjoy your day off.

Sleep in

Yes, I said it. In the ideal world of perfectionism, and 5am Instagram coffee stories, you would not dare let yourself hit that snooze button. This, however, is not perfect Instagram world, this is your day off, so turn off that alarm and catch up on your well deserved sleep.

Take time for breakfast

Once you finally get out of bed (8am, 10am or noon) take some extra time to make yourself a real breakfast and fully enjoy it. Other days of the week you may have to rush through or skip breakfast, but not today. Mother Nature has aligned herself to give you the breakfast you deserve. Whether this looks like driving down to your favorite coffee shop, a bowl of cereal or a well put together fruit salad, you will not regret doing this little favor for yourself.

Catch up / get ahead on work

We can't rely on snow days throughout the week, so taking some time to get assignments out of the way will make the rest of the week easier. Cut out a few hours of your time and get things done in the order that they are due, it will make your working week much easier. Personally, I find I can get the most done when I alternate tasks: one school assignment, then one household chore then a little phone or snack break and I am back to work.

Read a book

That book, you know the one. The one you bought because you wanted to read it so badly, but then you never found the time. Pick it up. Put your other thoughts and tasks and to-do lists aside, and allow yourself to enjoy that book. Reading is something I tend to take for granted. Some times I have a very flexible schedule and end up reading about 10 books in one month. Other times, my life is jam packed and I go two months never having touched a book even though I was assigned to read one for school. Do not let this day slip without diving back in to literature.


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